Friday, May 10, 2013

In which the Buggz goes commercial...and he's taking all of you with him.

My's dusty here!

*Walks through the derelict ruins of the blog.*

Well, the architecture seems fairly robust...image source

I really have been away too long. I hope this dust doesn't make my allergies act up.

So how are you people? Been well? Getting into all sorts of delightful and delicious mischief? I hope is far too short to spend being strait laced.

Me? I've been good. Actually, I have been more than good. I've been amazing. Perhaps I should explain that. Mainly because there really isn't much to tell.

Twitter killed the blogging mojo. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Perhaps it's because I never have to think through an idea to it's myriad possible conclusions. Or that by tweeting jokes and inanities, i have built a sizable following who can count on me for light entertainment and moments of mirth. And it didn't really matter to me was all in fun you see. It's never that serious.

Until it is.

It seems that corporates and other bodies interested in getting 'aye-balls' to their products have been tracking the top tweeps social media chaps and chappettes. They follow their engagement with their followers .note the influence these near mystical beings seem to have on a diverse crowd...

Needless to say, the corporates want in.

And I want them in as well. My motives? Mostly financial. Let's look at Psy for example:

I'm dropping my next big hit! It shall be huge! 

Gangnam Style made the chap about 8.8 million dollars. DORRAS People! All from a silly dance and a catchy tune.

I'm up for learning that. And the first opportunity just hit my inbox.

The folks at Stanchart are launching their new mobile money solution named Breeze.

The Goal: Route as many people as possible to view this post here: 

The Pitch: Two intrepid mountaineers are currently on their way up Mount Everest. Once up there, they will attempt to make the world's highest mobile money transaction (Eat your heart out MPESA!) using breeze.

The payout: Well...this is where it gets interesting. First: There's no cash. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Naesting. Iz bi....well you get the picture. What there IS though are 3 phones up for grabs. An Iphone 5 (Everest edition) and 2 blackberry Z10's.

It gets more interesting. Only 10 people Big wigs  bloggers have been selected to participate. And I'm one of them.

I won't lie to you people: This is a crazy undertaking.

Their Wigs

My wig. That's right. I'm a baller. In every sense

They have an army. A couple of them have foller numbers that are 20 times my size. Power to them. But I don't need an army.

I need a commando unit. A team I can count on that influences other small teams to make a big thing happen. And the team will have just one goal: To make sure the link above has the highest number of clicks by the end of the month.

What's in it for you I hear you ask?


 How about this: I'm just getting started in learning all about online marketing and influence. This is the second campaign I'm getting involved in. Regardless of how this campaign works out, if you are a demonstration of commitment and can-do focus, then I want you on my team. For the long term. Terms can of course be worked out depending on the nature of the assignment.

That's pretty much it.

Join me.

"Do as the Buggz says, we must!" - Yoda

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