Friday, May 17, 2013

Coldest Everest Deal That Wasn’t Cold AT ALL (Guest Post by Fred)

Ello good people!

I had an open invitation last week to join me in world domination and the development of truly excellent content. And y'all stepped up! First off the block is Fred from This is his take on the current campaign. It's a departure from the standard fare here...more poetic no? 

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This way to the mountain! Er...don't forget your frilly underthings..

A story is told of two fearless warriors, fully armored and ready for battle, who slew the bite of cold wind, sharp rock and snow to shake hands on an extraordinary deal.
This deal would go into history books as the highest bounty exchange to go down in extremely harsh conditions.
Oh yeah, the environment was brass; an annoyed and angry face of nature. Yet, our warriors had bravely and passion, so forward they forged.
Many were there if only as spectators. You know big wigs and stuff. No naming names but few could miss what Stanchart had prepared. No naming names.
Still, our warriors were at it; moving further away from the warm embrace of loving hands and closer to a harsher reality.
Lest we forget, there was a goal at the end;
And gallons of adrenaline, determination and the strength of an army. Or better still, an A Team, those commando men and women; the kind of team that is always a breeze to work with.
A humongous obstacle rose before them. A huge, huge rock of cold. Name is Everest, or rather Mt. Everest. It has been resting there forever. Moreover, it is cold. Too cold. It is waaay higher than you can imagine. You have to see it to believe.

Sharp rock, shingles, steep slopes, snow and slippery everything.
But our warriors were fearless. Yes they were. The rock, the cold and the harsh environment were just all part of it.
Yet a deal needed shaking hands on.

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Judy Nganga said...

Poetic yes. What an inspirational useless (as the quote says) venture. And Fred has quite the verbal yarn to tell it