Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yo! 13 year old me...listen up some peeps on my time line...have been doing letters to their 13 year old selves. After that you're to tag 4 other tweeps. My tagger as it were is @mwirigi (read his letter here) So here goes..

Dear Sam.

Its your last year in Nyahururu. Dad's brilliant game plan for getting you into a national school is about to fall to pieces. No worries though. Those interviews paid off and you are going into what is possibly the best high school experience a young man can have.

Your eldest bro and sis are already in India. Big sis sends Archie comics and stickers which raise your "coolness factor" among your peers. Don't let it get to your head though. Learn to share stuff...there is always enough to go round.

Mom will be leaving the country for a few in a very short while. No hiding behind her skirts anymore. make peace wit your dad early. He doesn't get you...but he means well...seriously.

Repeat after me: "Tooth hygiene is NOT optional". There is a reason why Sharon your deskmate eyes cross when you speak to her. However, her brown teeth are NOT your fault....technically.

You will have a totally bitching Dec wit your cuz Leo who will introduce you to fast chicks, clubbing and alcohol..often withing 5 minutes of each. And while it is generally excellent to have backup when engaged in a bar fight, don't abuse the privilege.

Your last fight with bro2 is coming up. You will lose. Badly. Seriously...he will smack the black off you. Love him regardless...coz you asked for it.

Lil sis looks up to you. You might think she's a pain and a crybaby...but she's a LOT deeper than you think. And that sarcasm thing you do....trying to be all snarky and cynical. She grows up to school your ass in it. But you get over it...eventually.

You ant Tony have started the chick hunt thing. Remember the "Rock of thought" where you laid out your strategies? Thats when Tony started being more than just your cuz..and became one of your best friends. Oh...and those chicks you'll be going after? It won't work out...but the chase will be fun. And no...almost 20 years down the line, you still don't get chicks.

All in're a pretty solid kid. Keep the love of reading (strictly non textbook) alive. It will serve you well. You know enough to realise you don't know much at all.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Who to tag.....hmmm

I'll go with @shuhi @milonare @nbad_kitty @magaribina


Bobby said...

Good Stuff!! The thrill of the hunt!! I know it well...

Carol said...

And my heart sinks within 2 inches of my belly button! I think this shall be the last letter I read, written by you boys! Otherwise I shall send someone to hybernation till just about near nursing home for him!

O well, bring it!

Anonymous said...

hehe. nice! I'm sure you're 13 year old self would have loved the spoilers.