Friday, May 7, 2010

Writers Block it transmitted through dandruff?

OK. I admit it it.

I may be in over my head where this blogging thing is concerned. The most critical thing about it is that i simply won't make the time for it. That's why I deeply admire the peeps whose blogs I follow. It takes some dedication to think up a topic, write out a draft, refine it and put it out there for the unwashed masses to consume.

Then you come back to check out the comments and find:
  • Nothing
  • the juvenile clowns with their "1st!!!" and other similarly trivial input or
  • the born critic who claims they can type better using their teeth and wonder if you substituted grey matter for warm dog vomit.
But in their midst, there are the gems who give you valuable feedback and insight. And more often than not, these would be the seeds of the next story you embark on exploring.

In the meantime, i wonder what timing works best for these endeavours...I've contemplated doing a 5 am post...but the blankets consistently execute their seize and detain campaign on me...


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Anonymous said...


I'm beginning to think that writer's block is an air-borne disease that you become especially vulnerable to if you like to tweet.

So my advice would be to stop tweeting-and breathing. Then you could churn out gripping posts from the grave. Alternatively, if you are too old to appreciate zombie fiction (as a reader or writer) I would suggest you just go with the flow and wait for the fickle Mr/Ms Inspiration to strike.

Great blog. And I just realised my comment is longer than your post. YIKES!