Sunday, April 29, 2012

Discovering Workability: One year after the Landmark Forum.

Slightly over a year ago, I saw this tweet from @locococomoco:

"Any tweeps out there who will be attending the Landmark Forum from tommorow?"

Now, Loco is in the "stratosphere-nose bleed" league of cool people. So i figured I'd check out what this Landmark biz is all about. The results of a quick Google search were frankly not encouraging. 

Thing is, Loco, despite her moniker is a very 'together' individual. So I took a chance and showed up at the Sarit center exhibition hall on a Tuesday night. That's when my journey begun.

It started with a really basic question. 

What matters to you?

My answer to that initially was Money. Money makes the world go round. So logically, if i have money, i would be able to throw it at any situation and stuff would start working again. 

Sounds nuts huh?

I walked into the landmark forum pretty sure that i'll get some insights into how I'd make more money. I walked out with something profoundly more valuable. 

The money was not what  i actually wanted all's what the money gets you. So..I want the money, to buy me a nice house, which get me a feeling of security, which leaves me relaxed, at ease and confident. 

So that what i really wanted all be relaxed, at ease and confident. 

More importantly, i want to be that person regardless of what my personal finances look like. I want workability. To have a say in how my life goes. 

That, ladies and gents, is what i walked out with from the Landmark forum. 

On saturday the 5th of May 2012, we will have an entire day of introductions to this fabulous education. We'll be doing this at Under the Radar. This is my invitation to you. 

Come and expereince workability like you've never experienced it before. The Landmark forum costs 14,000 shillings. You can register with 4,000 3,000 shillings and pay the balance before the next forum. This is in Sept 7,8,9 and 11th 2012. 

I do promise you one thing. This stuff works.